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Tool Proposals


Customer quotations, drawings and processes are held in strict confidence.


We are entirely flexible in the communication and design method of tooling projects. We often draw on the expertise of our customer’s employees to complete a project successfully.


Tooling Proposal Placeholder



New tooling and most repairs are drafted using CAD, assuring accuracy and repeatability before manufacture. Conceptual drawings can be provided for approval prior to manufacture. Our primary design focus is as follows:

  • Cost effective design and longevity
  • Tool design to support 1/2 production part tolerances
  • Proper choice of materials
  • Modular design and adjustable end and edge gaging
  • Operator safety and ease of loading the tool
  • Match tool parameters to customer’s machinery
  • Ease of maintenance, sharpening and service
  • Options to improve piece rate and process


All new tooling is sampled in some manner at our facility, or on occasion, at our customer’s facility. We typically provide (3) samples from customer-supplied stock and a first article inspection report on new stamping dies. Our intent is to provide a production-ready tool.

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