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Kiraly Tool and Die, Inc was established in late 1999.
We utilize 12,000 SF of manufacturing space.
Currently we employ (15) machinists, tool & die makers and office personnel.

Kiraly Tool and Die, Inc is Better Business Bureau Accredited.
Please see our rating below and feel free to click our BBB Seal for more information.

Pregabalin to buy uk



We accept all major credit cards as a method of payment, including PayPal, from our customers.
We do not accept payment over the internet, but feel free to click our Trustwave SSL Seal for more information.

where to buy Pregabalin

Kiraly Tool and Die, Inc is a Founding Member of the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers’ Coalition and a key partner in the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative. Kiraly Tool is also a partner to the Industry Needs You Initiative.

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